About Us

About us
Welcome to Pernioderm! We are a company dedicated to offering effective relief to individuals experiencing chilblain concerns during the cold winter months.
Backed by over 70 years of skincare expertise, we seamlessly blend the best of nature and science to craft our unique formulations. As a UK manufacturer, headquartered in the innovative city of Newcastle upon Tyne, we are committed to delivering exceptional results to each and every one of our valued customers. At Pernioderm, we understand that every individual is unique - that's why we offer a diverse range of hand-prepared chilblain creams and gels, catering to the distinct needs of our valued customers.
Under the Jakare Limited umbrella, PernioDerm proudly operates in synergy with our sister brands, the Witch Hazel Experts, Calm and Calamine, and CeraFresh Ultra. Together, with our shared dedication to deliver excellent results, we offer a diverse portfolio of specialised skincare products.


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