Seaweed & Aloe Vera Eye Gel Lunar Glow | The Next Formula For Great Eyes? View Now!

Seaweed & Aloe Vera Eye Gel Lunar Glow | The Next Formula For Great Eyes? View Now!

Lunar Glow Seaweed & aloe Vera eye gel:

Key product features

Refresh, rejuvenate and awaken your eyes with Lunar’s Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel.

It’s rapidly absorbing formula allows for an instant reduction in puffiness and symptoms related to ageing or overexposure to the elements.

Aloe vera contains hormones Auxin & Gibberellins, powerful anti-inflammatory properties, help to reduce puffy, tired eyes. This unique moisture support gel contains healing Marine Collagen derived from Seaweed; natures hidden (in plain sight) treasure.

Marine Collagen has anti-ageing benefits, rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E & K and natural fatty acids.

Seaweed helps to detoxify the skin drawing out impurities and toxins, which are hard to avoid in our modern world.

Hydrate and firm puffy eyes. Support your skin and prevent signs of ageing.

Benefits for skin:


Seaweed cells are very similar to skin cells, as they help maintain the natural balance of oils to reduce skin irritation. T

The amino acids in seaweed promote a natural sun screen, and include many vitamins such as Vitamin B and C. Vitamin B makes the skin look brighter, and vitamin C helps even skin tone and rejuvenate healthy skin.

Seaweed also provides anti-inflammatory properties and numerous anti-ageing effects, by increasing your skin hydration for a younger and smoother looking skin.

Aloe vera:

 Aloe vera is known to be a great skin moisturiser without leaving a greasy / oily finish. The natural properties soothe the skin which benefits oily skin as well as dry.

It is also a fantastic product for reducing acne and redness of skin, due to the acceleration of cell growth. Can also be used to soothe sunburn and irritated skin due to its high anti-inflammatory properties.

This product is:

Cruelty free 🐇

Alcohol free 💫

Paraben free 🍇

Mineral oil free 🌈

Fragrance free 🌱

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