Ginger root active mixed with organic aloe vera? The most unusual but succesful moisturiser!

Ginger root active mixed with organic aloe vera? The most unusual but succesful moisturiser!

Percy Nobleman face & stubble moisturiser

Made in England. Suitable for all skin types.

This product is suitable for vegans. Percy Nobleman products are not tested on animals.


 Apply a pea-sized amount of our Face & Stubble Moisturiser to the palm of your hand and massage evenly onto your face. Our easily absorbed non-greasy lotion is a blend of light natural oils and will help moisturise and soften your skin and facial hair.


Scientifically formulated to cleanse, hydrate and repair skin whilst nourishing stubble & shorter facial hair styles. Contains vitamin E, soothing organic aloe and a ginger root active. Effortless in application with high-performance results. Anti-wrinkle & skin repair properties at a skin-friendly pH. Gentle, non-sticky and won't conflict with your daily grooming routine. 98% naturally derived.


Ginger root active:

  • Promising for acne, redness & inflammation of the skin.
  • High skin protective properties.
  • Powerful antiseptic and cleansing qualities – gets deep into your pores.
  • Great refreshing ingredient that provides a radiant glow
  • Increase blood circulation, stimulates hair growth for stubble.


One of the best known natural acne prevention oils due to its pure power of antiseptic properties, fighting off acne and cleaning the skin deep into pores.

Organic Aloe:

  • Forms barriers over skin, slowing dehydration.
  • Ph of 5, which is similar to the Ph of skin, great for balancing.
  • Promotes skin restoration – rich in glycoproteins which gives it a strong healing power.


Vitamin E:

  • Acts as a moisturiser, by restoring lost moisture making it great for dry skin.
  • Can be used to reduce dark circles
  • It is a heavy emollient, making it great for cleaning dirt in pores, and naturally balancing your skins oils.
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